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The CHEM21 Metrics Toolkit

Following on from the introduction to the metrics toolkit that was developed by the CHEM21 consortium that was provided in Introduction to green metrics, in this video, Louise Summerton provides a more detailed overview of the metrics toolkit and how it can be used to assess the greenness of a reaction via a comprehensive and holistic range of criteria.  

The rationale behind the creation of the toolkit and description of the methodologies adopted is available as an open access publication [1] and the Toolkit itself is available in the form of a user friendly excel spreadsheet in the supplementary information of the publication.

Zero Pass in More Detail

The CHEM21 Metrics Toolkit is specifically structured with a series of ‘passes’ to cover everything from bench top research right through to industrial scale with increasing level of complexity.  In this video, Sarah Abou-Shehada at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York examines ‘Zero Pass in more detail.  Zero pass is aimed at the assessment of reactions at the discovery scale and provides an initial light tough appraisal for screening reactions (few mg scale).

Zero Pass Interactive Tool

You can use this interactive tool at the reaction discovery level. Click the elements of the chart below to proceed through the metric stages. The most promising reactions, as indicated by your green metrics, can then be taken to first pass and beyond.

  1. R. C. McElroy, A. Constantinou, L. C. Jones, L. Summerton and J. H. Clark, Towards a holistic approach to metrics for the 21st century pharmaceutical industry, Green Chem., 2015, 17, 3111-3121.