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Application of the Select Criteria

In this video, Wim Aelterman provides a brief summary of the SELECT criteria, before going on to describe each of them in more detail in the following sections.


Safety is the number one criteria for research and development. In this video, Wim Aelterman describes safety risks including thermal and reactive hazards and toxicity, which become increasingly important as processes are scaled up.


The pharmaceutical industry follows the environmental ideals of preventing, minimizing and rendering any harmless reagents used and wastes generated from processes. Different metrics are utilized within the industry to track and minimize environmental impact. Steps taken to improve environmental credentials for a process are considered by Wim Aelterman in this video.


In this video, Wim Aelterman describes legal considerations including regulation of substances by governments, environmental legislation and patent law.


In this video, Wim Aelterman discusses economic considerations.


Quality control is essential for commercial production of an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient). Selectivity, stability, purification, registration and validation of processes, product specifications and genotoxic impurities all need to be considered to ensure quality is suitable for market. In this video, Wim Aelterman discusses these parameters in more detail.


In this video, Wim Aelterman discusses throughput.